since 1996 your reliable partner for Ambulances and Special Cars

ACT has been founded as Act Ambulance & Car Trading AG in 1996 by today's owner Max A. Hess. In the end of 1997 Aarau has been a too small location for the company, that therefore moved to Oberentfelden, a nearby village.

Selling new ambulance coaches in Switzerland was the only purpose of the company when it was founded. Meanwhile several similar fields have been added to the companies main purpose. The head office in Oberentfelden was therefore too small soon. Therefore ACT was looking for a new company building that fits for alle the different purposes.

since 2002 in Gretzenbach

This has been found in the industrial zone of Gretzenbach, near the atomic plant Gösgen. Moving there in mid October 2002 the company brandhas been adapted to nowaday's main fields of activity: ACT special car center AG.


Til today ACT special car center AG enlarged their activity and counts today to the number one sellers of Special Vehicles in whole Switzerland